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RSM Richter eLearning Project Spotlight

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Richter e-Learning Intro Screen.With a complete multimedia e-learning environment in mind, the goal for this project was to recreate or imitate the advantages of a classroom setting thus reducing or eliminating training staff. The combination of text, screen shots, animated simulations and narration, enhance the learning process and keep users interested throughout the entire course.

The e-Learning program is comprised of seven modules with numerous lessons in each. The program focuses on teaching software applications such as Windows 2000, Outlook, Remote Printing, Remote Networking, Remote Access and Richter's in house accounting software.

The Richter e-Learning program was developed to be used over Richter’s LAN, however the program was also developed to be delivered, if necessary, through the Internet. The program uses a standard browser to showcase lesson and quizzes therefore eliminating the need for stand-alone software.

Richter e-Learning Lesson Screen.The project demanded a flexible framework that could load lessons for various courses; control and record student progress, and offer quizzes that tested the student's mastery of the material. Macromedia Flash™ MX was the platform of choice, since it offers rich-client functionality with the ease of distribution of a browser application. Using the powerful object-oriented and XML features of Macromedia Flash™ MX, we were able to quickly create a "shell" for the lessons to load into.

Richter e-Learning Quiz Screen.Server-side ASP pages performed the back-end database connections. The main shell as well as all quizzes, were loaded from the database. The quizzes pull six random questions from a pool of twenty questions in the database. The questions are then displayed to the student and the results posted back to the database for student performance assessment and analysis of the effectiveness of the questions themselves.

The Richter e-Learning program also includes a full line of reports which not only track the user throughout the program, but also counts the number of times each answer was clicked in reference to the correct answer, the number of times the user took the quiz, and how long each lesson and quiz took to complete. The reports are available to the client to review at any time.

Using actual screen shots of the programs, simulations showing the necessary steps to complete tasks, corresponding text and a narrator, the program doesn't leave much to the imagination. Each step in the lesson is timed to work together so that the narration and simulation cue each other. If a user would rather read through the lessons, the audio could simply be turned off.

The final product is an enhanced user experience, eliminating the need for live staffed classes and giving the client the ability to evaluate user progress and the program effectiveness.

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