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Mobile Phone PDAWith the high speed of business these days and worldwide mobile phone shipments expected to reach over 930 million units in 2009*, organizations must pay close attention to how and where their digital content is viewed.

From text messaging to e-mail and surfing through mobile browsers, mobile phones are now a daily tool, which we all use to send and receive information. Long gone are the days of using a mobile for simply making phone calls.

With any mobile strategy, Perform Marketing works to create page templates, which brand the mobile site and optimizes content for display, create adaptable layouts for various screen sizes and optimize images to ensure low file overhead and enhanced viewing. Each Perform Marketing mobile solution is based on your existing web address. When mobile users browse to your existing website, they will be detected and sent to your mobile site instantly. Want to see an example, navigate to our site using your mobile phone, PDA or BlackBerry.

Blackberry Mobile Phone PDAWe have worked to learn how to optimize mobile sites to include as much functionality as needed without creating usability conflicts. Given the small screen size and the lower bandwidth speeds, mobile sites must be developed with the user experience in mind.

With data driven websites, controlling the content has never been easier. Using our Afterlight Content Management System, content managers in organizations can easily add, edit or remove content in a single step and publish to multiple platforms.

Mobile phone websites have been developed using many different technologies. Adobe Flash Lite now provides rich media experiences for mobile sites using all the features of Flash.

Adobe Flash LiteAdobe Flash Lite is Flash technology specifically developed for mobile phones and consumer electronics devices. Flash Lite dramatically accelerates the delivery of rich content and customized user interfaces. Companies can now extend their Rich Internet Applications and enhanced user experiences to mobile users.

Perform Marketing has worked with mobile technologies developing a mobile website of our own before most users knew a mobile phone could browse the web. We have developed techniques to optimize mobile sites and mobile applications to include as much functionality as needed without usability limitations. Given the small screen size and the lower bandwidth speeds, mobile sites must be developed with the user experience in mind.

What would a great mobile site be without users? With the advent of Google Mobile Search, an index of mobile websites, users can now search for companies and services that have mobile content. Perform Marketing optimize each mobile site for indexing with Google Mobile, creating an XML site map detailing the pages ready for submission to Google Mobile. Companies who take the extra effort to accommodate mobile users will benefit from extra traffic and marketing reach.

* Statistics information from "Addressing Growing Handset Complexity with Software Solutions David Linsalata Alex Slawsby August 2005

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