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eCommerce and Rich Internet Applications

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When people mention e-Business or e-Commerce, most of us think about an order process or transactions much like when we purchase an item online. Add the item to your cart; enter your credit card information and go through the checkout. While this is a good example of e-Commerce, it is only one of infinite possibilities.

e-Commerce is just that, electronic commerce. The term incorporates any business function that can be done in electronic format. The web is a great forum to host many applications because of its reach.

trouble ticket systems
customer service call centers
product configurer
order processing
inventory management systems
and many more...

Rich Internet Applications:

The Internet has become a platform for application development. From a simple online form and dealer listing to complex inventory management systems and online tech support systems, the web's broad reach is an ideal forum for business applications.

In the past, the web has not been thought of as a host to business applications in due to the limitations of HTML. With the emergence of Adobe Flash™ in the past few years and the growing use of it's enhanced graphics, animation and ability to process complex tasks, came Rich Internet Applications. In short, Rich Internet Applications are an efficient and effective method of completing task that was once thought cumbersome.

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