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CD-ROM and DVD Multimedia Development

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A CD-ROM is the perfect format for distributing large amounts of information in a unique way. Whether you are sending out a training CD to your offices across the country or handing out a multimedia presentation at a tradeshow, CD-ROMs are an effective and affordable solution.

Windows LogoApple LogoBuild content for both Mac and Windows platform. With a wider audience using one system over another, ensure that you reach all users. Perform Marketing can develop content for both platforms and create enhancements such as an autorun so that the CD/DVD begins without user intervention, custom icons so that your logo is viewed on the drive or create an interactive menu that introduces the users to the content and allows them to view the content as they wish.

United Van Lines Digital Business CardWith the introduction of the digital business card, there is yet another effective way to promote your company in an exciting format. Digital business cards are cut from a full CD-ROM. They come in square, hockey-rink style or custom cut to a specific shape of your choice. With 50mb to 180mb available space, you can distribute an infinite number of marketing resources.

The unique look of a digital business card, coupled with an enhanced website and digital marketing materials, make your company stand out from your competition and will leave that lasting impression in your customer's mind.

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