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eLearning Assessment Tools

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eLearning Solutions

eLearning assessment tools are equally important to the lesson content itself. The evaluation process serves two purposes. First, performance tracking follows the user throughout the modules and records where the user logged off from a previous session, the completed sections and test results.

Secondly, our assessment tools are designed to test the user's understanding of the tasks and procedures presented in the content. Testing formats such as multiple choice, true & false, fill in the blanks and drag and drop help to stimulate the user's knowledge. Using a pool of questions for each module, we eliminate redundancy through random questioning for each user. This reduces the possibility for collaboration of users who may be working through the modules simultaneously.

For further analysis, we assess and analyze the performance of the questions themselves, identifying content issues or the miscommunication of terms. This information helps to fine tune the program to deliver the best results.

Our assessment tools provide you with feedback to ensure that your users are getting the most out of your eLearning solution. Through our live reports, you can review the results at any time.

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